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WHAT IS THE Best Time of Day for Wedding Photography in Perth, WA?

Wedding photographs are a timeless keepsake and the most popular method for couples to record their big day. Capturing the love shared between partners and their family and friends is a task that requires experience and artistry.

The camera skills of the photographer and their ability to put people at ease are important, but we must also acknowledge the vital part that lighting plays in creating engaging images.

The quality of light, direction, and intensity can make or break an image, which is why it’s always good to be mindful of lighting and time of day can have a great influence on this.

Here we will focus on the best time of day for wedding photography in Perth, where the climate and natural light can greatly impact the final output and ambiance of the scene.

Understanding Perth’s Climate & Seasonal Lighting

Perth is known for its blue skies and warm weather, characterized by hot, dry summers (occasionally reaching 40+ degrees), and mild, (and often wet) winters. The weather patterns in Perth can greatly influence the lighting conditions for your wedding photos, so it’s essential to consider the time of year, as well as the time of day, to ensure the best results.

In the summer months, the sun is high in the sky, casting harsh shadows and creating bright, intense light. In the winter, the sun is lower in the sky, causing longer shadows, and warmer light. It’s also important to consider the direction of the sun and the effect it has on your photography.

Morning Photography

Morning light is often soft and diffused, making it ideal for capturing scenes outdoors. The light is gentler, and the shadows can be less pronounced.

As far as wedding photos are concerned, mornings are usually taken up by preparation shots and detail shots of the location that help to set the scene and tell the story of the day. So there is usually a mixture of indoor and outdoor photos.

Depending on the time and environment, some lovely shots can be taken of the couple as they independently prepare, using window light if indoors, and nicely lit areas, if there are some, around the location.

One of the best places for morning photography in Perth is the beach, where you can take advantage of the softer light and stunning ocean views. Other popular spots include parks and gardens, where you can capture the beauty of nature as the day begins. However, access to these places is entirely dependent on the location of the couples’ preparations.

When it comes to getting the most out of morning light, it’s important to be prepared and arrive early. Consider the sun’s direction and plan your shots accordingly, and don’t be afraid to use reflectors and diffusers and even bounced light from an on-camera flash. Be mindful that introducing artificial light with daylight can offer its own challenges.

Midday/Afternoon Photography

Afternoon light can be more challenging, as the sun is higher in the sky and the light is often harsher and more intense. This can cause harsh shadows on faces or squinting. However, with the right techniques, you can still capture beautiful and dramatic images.

One of the best locations for afternoon photography in Perth is the city, where you can take advantage of the architecture, with strong angles and shadows plus reflections in building windows. These spots are great so long as this style fits in with the taste of the couple.

Other popular spots include wineries and vineyards (common wedding destinations), where you can capture the lush greenery and rolling hills.

To make the most of afternoon light, it’s essential to find the right angle and use shade to your advantage.

As Perth wedding photographers we understand that the harsh midday sun can be challenging if the venue offers an outdoor ceremony. The sunshine can make the guests a bit uncomfortable and the harsh light is not offering the best opportunities for stunning photos. Fortunately, a lot of places provide canopy cover which is placed strategically, offering shade at key places for photos.

Sunset/Golden Hour Photography

Without a doubt, “the golden hour” is the most popular time to capture portrait shots of the couple. Golden hour can be magical and romantic, providing a warm and dreamy ambiance that is perfect for capturing stunning and intimate photos. The light at this time of day is soft and warm, casting beautiful golden hues and long shadows that add depth and interest to your photos.

It is a very common shot, but most couples love the backlit, sun flare portrait while the sun is setting behind them.

One of the best locations for sunset photography in Perth is the beach (Perth is famous for its beaches) where you can take advantage of the gorgeous views of the ocean and the sun setting over the horizon.

Other popular spots include parks, gardens, and hilltops, where you can capture the beauty of nature as the day comes to an end.

When it comes to getting the most out of the golden hour, it’s important to plan ahead and arrive early. Consider the sun’s direction and plan your shots accordingly, you can always use reflectors and diffusers to enhance or create fill light. Remember though that golden hour is fleeting, so have a good idea of what you want to achieve beforehand, or a shot list that you can work through confidently and efficiently. That gorgeous golden light will be gone before you know it.

Night Photography

Night photography can be tricky, but it can also result in some of the most dramatic and beautiful images of your wedding day. The low light can create bold contrasty photos when people are picked out of the dark surroundings by artificial lighting. This can make for a romantic and intimate atmosphere perfect for capturing the magic of the evening.

Dance floors (popular outdoors these days) are typically surrounded by golden or coloured light bulbs hanging on swooping lines that look amazing when shot with a wide aperture and shallow depth of field, these create cascading light patterns highlighting the couple in a magical way.

Using Light - Slow Shutter

To make the most of night scenes, it’s essential to have a good understanding of your camera and its settings. Consider using a flash (on or off camera) and a slow sync speed to capture the subject and create beautiful, long exposures showing movement. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different techniques. Some of the most cherished shots I’ve taken of the couple have been with slower shutter speeds during the first dance.

If using your camera in low light is a fairly new experience for you, practice this extensively beforehand so that you know what to expect and you are always in control of your camera and its output.


In conclusion, the best time of day for wedding photography in Perth will depend on your location and the lighting scenario of the environment at that given time. Invariably, if you can get outdoors, the golden hour is the ideal time to get your best “romantic” couple shots.

The task of the photographer is to make the most of the lighting available and depending on styles and desired looks, introduce lighting if necessary. The wedding timeline will dictate most of the time slots allocated to the photographer for photos.

Usually, the couple will consult with you on this score, if not (and you see a potential issue), you should raise your concerns with the couple.


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