Berry Delightful Wedding | Vanessa & Cam

We’re excited to share a snippet of Vanessa and Cam’s fun and fabulous wedding in Brookhampton, WA.

This wedding was anything but ordinary! There was dancing that got everyone on their feet, songs that filled the air with joy, and an energy so contagious you couldn’t help but smile. Vanessa and Cam sure know how to throw a party!

A Big Thanks to the Newlyweds for making us a part of their awesome day. Your joy was infectious, and capturing it was a pleasure. Thanks for being so fantastic!

Cam & Groomsmen
Bride Vanessa Reveals Dress to Bridesmaids
Bride Vanessa Champagne with Bridesmaids
V&C Wedding Ceremony
Bride & Groom Signing Register V&C
Bride & Groom After Dancing V&C
V&C Wedding Young Guests Dance
Bride & Groom Laughing V&C
Bride and Bridesmaids DanceV&C
V&C First Dance
Bride & Groom Laughing 2 V&C


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