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Beautiful Wedding Videography in Perth, WA & Beyond

As wedding videographers in Perth, we know how important it is to capture the key moments that you’re counting on, plus all of the spontaneous ones that we know you’ll treasure.

Our experience in capturing many weddings tells us that it’s the totally candid, unplanned incidents that occur around you on the day that bring the greatest joy and pull on the heartstrings the most.

As a team we can cover a lot more of your unique event with much less chance of anything being missed, compared to most other services out there.

Our Cinematic Style of Wedding Films

Our cinematic approach to wedding videography sets us apart from other videographers based in Perth. We use a variety of techniques in a relaxed style that looks informal yet polished and engaging.

We can be as unobtrusive or as involved as you wish. This is dependent on the style and look of the finished wedding film that you desire. In our experience, a mixture of candid and guided clips combine to tell the best story of your day.

Prior to your wedding, we will be delighted to go over the order of the day with you to ensure that you are comfortable with all timings and happy with your plan.

Combining Video and Stills

As a team, we offer a complete wedding photography and video service, which makes for a much better experience for you as a couple on your wedding day.

Hiring the wedding photographer and videographer separately can be challenging on time and can compromise the quality of the footage captured. This is because, generally, the videographer and photographer are competing to capture the same scene.

As a team that covers both, we are experienced in working together to capture everything effectively without impacting time and quality.

Getting in each other’s way is always a potential problem when hiring these services separately.

Groom Cam & Groomsmen V&C

Our Video Editing Style

We edit our wedding videos so that they flow naturally and best capture the essence and emotions of the day.

Each wedding is different, and so is every wedding video that we produce. Formats can be similar, but each wedding lends itself to a certain vibe and soundtrack.

Our editing style is not formulated but customised to suit every individual wedding to maximise and showcase its uniqueness.

frequently asked questions

Yes, absolutely

No, we offer a single video service that covers your entire day, from prep to the first dance.

No, as each wedding is different, so is the length of each wedding film. Generally, they last the length of the average song (3-5 mins).

No, each wedding venue has a different ambience and style. This, together with the rest of the wedding details and overall colour scheme, tends to dictate the styling and overall look of the film. Our vibe, though, is distinctively “Big Dream Weddings,” and our informal style and love for what we do shine through in our creative production.


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